Team Allocation (25 million, 25%):

MultiSig 0xa305a3F7E158DD2C6c6f2647Cc294F9BE8C48C1A pay.eth (PR0)

Reserve: Ecosystem Grants, Operations, Incentives (15 million, 15%):

  • Ecosystem grants: Funding initiatives that enhance the protocol's ecosystem.

  • Operations: Day-to-day operational costs including administration, marketing, and operational expenses.

  • Incentives: Rewards and incentives for users, partners, or collaborators contributing to the ecosystem.

  • Any other operational needs.

Liquidity Provision (LP) (40 million, 40%):

  • Allocated to liquidity pools (such as on Uniswap) to ensure sufficient liquidity for the $SCRY token on the public market.

  • A high liquidity provision is essential to facilitate smooth trading and price stability for use as collateral and payment for Vain.

DAO Treasury (20 million, 20%):

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