Jury - Human Defined Questions

You can use Jury as the endpoint and the question in the path. This will then resolve by the oracle node when they question is answered. Be specific about what you want to know.

pragma solidity ^0.8.0;

interface Morpheus {
    function getFeed(
        uint256 feedID
        returns (
            uint256 value,
            uint256 decimals,
            uint256 timestamp,
            string memory valStr

    function requestFeeds(
        string[] calldata APIendpoint,
        string[] calldata APIendpointPath,
        uint256[] calldata decimals,
        uint256[] calldata bounties
    ) external payable returns (uint256[] memory feeds);

contract Jury {
    Morpheus public morpheus;
    mapping(uint256=> string ) public ID;
    uint oracleFee = 100000000000000;
    uint nID;
    constructor() {
        morpheus = Morpheus(0x0000000000071821e8033345A7Be174647bE0706);

    function play(string memory question) public{

    function request(string memory question) internal {
        string[] memory apiEndpoint = new string[](1);
        apiEndpoint[0] = "Jury";
        string[] memory apiEndpointPath = new string[](1);
        apiEndpointPath[0] = question;
        uint256[] memory decimals = new uint256[](1);
        decimals[0] = 0;
        uint256[] memory bounties = new uint256[](1);
        bounties[0] = oracleFee ;
        uint256[] memory feeds = morpheus.requestFeeds{value: oracleFee }(
    ID[nID]= feeds[0];

    function myReply() public returns (
            string memory valStr
        ) {
        (, , , string memory Value) = morpheus.getFeed(vrfID);
        require(Value != 0, "Oracle not ready");
     return (valStr);

NOT ALL ORACLES WILL SUPPORT THIS. Please check with the oracle first if they run nodes autonomously or are supporting Human Defined Questions.

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