Purchasing a License

The Scry License NFTs are simply a NFT which gives the holder the right to access and usethe contracts, tools, node and frontend freely for their project. You can simply mint an NFT at

and have the 1y fee included in the mint (theres no extra fee for minting, you are simply purchasing 1y in advance during mint). The NFT allows you to specify a github user for us to give access to the node, as well as allow you to pull your oracle addreess into our frontend for access to the explorer and health tools, as well as allowing you and your users to check out your data and feeds.

The price will be determined by the Scry Founder after launch once the Founder allocation has been minted.

You can renew your license for any amount of time at the current price for as long as you want. If you do not renew, anyone can burn your license, making you need to mint a new one and losing access to the github node as well the right to use the contracts in production .

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