Oracle Spreadsheet Management and Creation

To set up your Spreadsheet for Scry Node, simply copy this template or use as a guide for how to structure your sheet. Creation

  1. Go to Copy this template or use as a guide for how to structure your sheet. Feed Name The name for the feed, used as general info ETH/USD Feed ID The ID for the feed in the oracle 0 API Endpoint The API Endpoint to source data from. This can be any API Update Frequency (s) How often you want the feed to be updated with fresh data, also determines how often to map slots for historical lookup 3600 Decimals How many dec for the data to be stored in, recommended the raw base amount for Crypto assets, such as 10**18 for ETH values. 18 Parser The JSON path to walk down for the value to return For an API request to Coingecko like which returns


The path would be ethereum,usd

Description The Description for the feed

2. Follow to acquire your API key

3. You can now access the needed info from your oracle with the following values SHEETID= URLID - 1syqS8Gpl7ZS9UC_Wr6giY057XebJu3bZKXhIDsN-DJ0 SHEETTITLE= The TITLE for the specific sheet - Polygon SHEETAPI=API KEY

New Feeds 1. Simply put new Feeds into the sheet with ID and needed info for the APIs, run setup.js and then restart your node.

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